64 films from 32 countries compete in international section of TISFF

Some 64 films from 32 countries will compete to win the 38th Tehran International Short Film Festival (TISFF) trophy and the event's $2,000 big prize.

Iran(IMNA) - This edition of the TISFF has been approved by the Academy Awards®, popularly known as the OSCARS, and became the only OSCAR® qualifying festival in Iran will be held in Iran Mall Cinema Complex attended by 64 short feature, documentary and experimental works from USA, France, Germany, Australia, China, India, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil, Peru, Belarus, Iceland, Kenya, Canada, Russia, Belgium, Turkey, Austria, Poland, Mexico, Switzerland, Argentina, Denmark, Lebanon, Taiwan, Finland, Singapore, Hungary, Estonia, Cambodia, Portugal and Iran.

The Game / Group Direction /F/ 10/ Kenya
FRIEND / Andrey Svetlov / F/ 21/ Belarus
Invitation / Sjoerd Martens /A/5/ Netherlands
DALIA / Brúsi ÓLASON //F/ 16 // Iceland
The Fear / Pawlina Carlucci Sforza/D/28/ Poland
Fuelled / Group Direction/A/9/ Canada
A Birthday / Philippe Arsenault /F/21/ Canada
Money / Arthur B. Senra, Sávio Leite /E/5/ Brazil
Mom’s Hair / Alexey Evstigneev/A/8/ Russia
Titan/Valéry Carnoy /F/19/ Belgium
Step into the river / Ma Weijia/A/15/ China
Beyond is the day / Damian KOCUR/F/25/ Poland
CHILD'S PLAY / Lisa Hasenhütl/A/4/ Austria
Impossible to say goodbye / Yolanda Centeno/F/16/Spain
There is an insect inside me / Group Direction /A/4/India
Corte / Bernardo & Afonso RAPAZOTE /F/29/Portugal
Alone sleeps the water, frozen she awakes /Sofia Petersen/E/5/Argentina
Starched Collars / DANIEL RODRÍGUEZ RISCO/F/12/Peru
Flawless / Nathan Franck/F/16/France
TIO / JUAN MEDINA /A/13/Mexico
Nantong Nights / Emma qian XU, Leopold Dewolf/F/12/France
The Land that Rises and Descends / Moona PENNANEN/D/20/Finland
Walk with Kings/ Guillaume Senez/F/14/Belgium
A LITTLE CIRCUS / Yoshiro OSAKA/F/27/Cambodia
Igor’s Mum’s tale of an old house, papers and photographs / Daria Kopiec/A/3/Poland
Whistle / Ege Karakurt /F/12/Turkey
Motorcyclist’s Happiness Won’t Fit into His Suit / Gabriel HERRERA/F/10/Mexico
The Awakening of the insects / Stephanie LANSAQUE, Francois LEROY/A/14/France
Black Hole / Tristan Aymon/F/29/Switzerland
Identification / Jean-François Comminges/E/10/France
Branka / Ákos K. Kovács/F/20/Hungary
You Are Not a Kiwi / Maria Saveleva/A/5/Estonia
Feeling Through / Doug ROLAND/F/18/United States
Buried in the Backyard / Diego Bauer/F/15/Brazil
Out O' the Inkwell / Adam Toutoungi, Andy Ortiz/A/7/United States
Nesting / Siiri HALKO/F/20/Finland
The last Maslow's day / Laurent PAILLOT/F/9/France
The Apartment / Raphaël Frydman/D/7/France
Peel / Samuel PATTHEY, Silvain MONNEY /A/15/Switzerland
The Guard / Héctor Fernández Cachón/F/22/Spain
Good German Work Jannis Alexander KIEFER/F/14/Germany
Mule / Mariano Benayón, Carlos Balseiro/A/12/Spain
The Border Guard / Sven Gielnik/F/14/Germany
Anima Animae Animam / Group Direction/D/20/Spain
The Moogai / Jon Bell/F/15/Australia
Clear Sky / Andrey Zamoskovny, Igor Tsoy/F/15/Russia
Songs from a faraway land / tuhinabha majumdar/F/24/India
To the last drop / Simon SCHNELLMANN/A/6/Germany
The Duel / Vlad Kozlov/F/18/United States
One Day / Jiang JIN/D/24/China
Elle / Wael Assaf/F/16/Lebanon
That Summer, We Stayed at Home / Noelia R. Deza/F/21/Spain
Run for life / LIN, YI-XIANG, WU, BO-YI/A/8/Taiwan
Sideral / Carlos Segundo/F/15/Brazil
Time Flows in Strange Ways on Sundays / Giselle LIN/F/17/Singapore
A little bit of Paradise / Andrzej CICHOCKI/D/19/Poland
Qiao Er / Li Xixian/F/14/China
The Fourth Wall / Mahbobeh Kalaei / Animation/Iran
Crow /Ahora Shahbazi / Animation / Iran
I Will Not Be Alone / Yaser Talebi / Documentqary / Iran
Capsul / Amir Pazirofteh / Feature / Iran
Jon Dad / Soheila Pourmohamadi / Feature / Iran.
Presided by Sadegh Mousavi, the 38th Tehran international short film festival will be held between 19-24 October in Tehran, Iran. Since 2020, Tehran international short film festival is considered as an OSCAR® qualifying film festival by ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURE ARTS AND SCIENCES.

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64 films from 32 countries compete in international section of TISFF

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