18 October 2021 - 11:25
Isfahan, Porto to reinforce connections

The mayor of Isfahan, Ali Ghasemzadeh, emphasized on strengthening the sister-city relationships between Isfahan and Porto in a meeting with the head of Luso-Persian Association for Friendship and Development (ALPAD).

Iran (IMNA) - "The policy of the Municipality of Isfahan has been centered on urban and public diplomacy as well as making relations with cities that may have similarities in terms of geographical features and cultural traditions with Isfahan," Ali Ghasemzadeh said.

He went on to say that commonalities are pretexts for connection and mutual communication, and added, "We are interested in maintaining communications that lead to positive events in various fields."

The Mayor of Isfahan noted, "As stated in the twinning agreement between Isfahan and Porto, making connection in different areas has been foreseen; events such as Porto's Cultural Week in Isfahan or Isfahan's Cultural Week in Porto will be welcomed. "

Stressing the expansion of cooperation between Isfahan and Porto, the head of Luso-Persian Association for Friendship and Development Mohammad Nikdel said, "We can establish Isfahan Friendship House in Porto and the Porto Friendship House in Isfahan. He also considered making plans that far ahead in the city of Porto for cultural exchanges. "

He continued, "The noble art of Porto is tiling; so, artists from Isfahan and Porto can send their hand-painted tiles to be displayed in the form of a wall art in the city of Porto."

Nikdel pointed out, "The holding of an exhibition on behalf of Isfahan in the city of Porto will be a driving force to increase the communications between the two cities."

Mojtaba Shahmoradi, Deputy Mayor and the head of the Cultural, Social and Sports Organization of Isfahan Municipality, also suggested to hold joint exhibitions for artists of both cities.

Referring to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Isfahan, Shahmoradi said, "In total, the three cities of Tehran, Isfahan and Kerman in Iran have museums of contemporary art; taking the Porto Museum into account, the necessary exchanges can be implemented in this regard."

He ended, "Given that it is difficult to travel during the pandemic, arranging joint webinars is a good opportunity to exchange views and experiences."

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