11 October 2021 - 10:26
Isfahan fights against air pollution

The mayor of Isfahan, stating that the socio-cultural behavior of citizens affects the identity of the city, said, “All people and citizens should be the guardians of the city's cultural identity.”

Iran (IMNA) -Referring to his management slogan, 'Isfahan, the livable city', Ali Ghasemzadeh noted, "A livable city is where that has a good climate and healthy environment; so, we should help preserve the natural featuresresources of the city. My first mission as the mayor is to try to protect the city's environment and increase the per capita green space as well as perusing the demand for the permanent flow of the Zayandehrood river.

He added, "Air pollution should be attenuated and the mayor is obliged to take steps in this direction. Part of the pollution in Isfahan is due to the industries; I believe we should interact with various responsible organizations; so, negotiations are being held with industries to reduce pollution."

The mayor of Isfahan said, "The municipality must eliminate part of the pollution emitted from public transportation system. This week, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the municipality of Isfahan and an electric vehicles manufacturer, according to which electric buses will replace diesel ones by next year, then part of the air pollution will be reduced.”

Over 6 million people in Isfahan are living with heavy air pollution, according to the most recent data. Dust storms, on-road motor vehicles like buses and cars, off-road vehicles such as bulldozers, and the main blameworthy factors, industrial activities such as oil refining and power generation, are the major causes of air pollution in Isfahan.

Population growth, uncontrolled urban expansion, rapid growth in the number of motor vehicles, especially automobiles and their widespread use in metropolitan areas, lack of comprehensive scientific planning, as well as transport challenges have brought forth problems such as severe environmental pollution, heavy traffic, overusing energy, road insecurity and traffic accidents.

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