Key to Isfahan bestowed to newly elected Mayor

“The common concern of all of us is the development and prosperity to the city regardless of what party we belong,” Ali Ghasemzadeh said at the ceremony of paying tribute to Isfahan’s former Mayor Ghodratollah Norouzi and ceremonial introduction of the newly elected mayor.

Iran (IMNA) - "This city has an identity that must be protected, and we should hand it over as a trust to the next generation, so we must be careful never do anything that would damage this city," he added.

The mayor of Isfahan continued, "Our dream for Isfahan is to help it move towards an Islamic city. Some believe that the presence of Islamic symbols makes the city appears Islamic; however, such practices only applies to the city style, while in a Islamic city, justice is supposed to be observed and science must be honored. In fact, the spirit of the Islamic city is the manifestation of Asma Al - Hosna, known as the 99 Names of God, in the heart of the city."

Key to Isfahan bestowed to newly elected Mayor

In the presence of the city and provincial officials, Isfahan's Friday Prayer Imam and the head of the Diocese of Isfahan and Southern Iran, the key to the city was symbolically handed over to Ali Ghasemzadeh by Isfahan's former mayor, Ghodratollah Norouzi. The key is crafted by Master Saghaei, one of the prominent artists of Isfahan, on which the poems of Kamal al - Din Isfahani are engraved in Nasta'liq calligraphic script.

Cities used to be protected with large walls and big gates that were pulled close at nights; when the Key to the City was bestowed to a person, they received extra respect to enter the city when they pleased. Today, it is actually symbolic practice of appreciate and welcoming to recipients who are, for the most part, the newly elected Mayor or top-ranked officials from friend countries.

The city of Isfahan enjoys valuable historical and cultural backgrounds that have always been regarded as priceless features for Iranians and the world as well. The keeper Of Isfahan's Key bears a heavy responsibility as the city carries on the legacy o f unique and incredible historical structures, and the prominent religious, scientific and art figures.

Key to Isfahan bestowed to newly elected Mayor

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