Isfahan practices guidelines over Coronavirus waste management

"Red plastics for collecting wastes originating from COVID -19 patients have been distributed in Isfahan responding to the request of citizens during the fifth wave of the Coronavirus," The head of Isfahan Municipality's Department for Urban Services said.

Iran (IMNA) - "In the city of Isfahan, special red bags with logos have been considered for collecting the waste generated at home with COVID-19 suspect or positive patients such as medical face masks, food scraps, tissues and gauze with blood or bodily fluids of patients and sanitizer bottles; citizens can request for these bags contacting the 137 municipal system, " Gholamreza Sakti stated.

He stressed, "Coronavirus contaminated waste should be stored separately in special bags and delivered by citizens to stationary recycling centers unless they will be collected by waste pickers."

Isfahan practices guidelines over Coronavirus waste management

Sakti emphasized, "Observing the guidelines related to the segregation, storage and transportation of COVID -19 waste by citizens can breaks the chains of virus transmission and produce effective results in reducing the prevalence of this disease. "

He explains that the Department for urban services separates and dumps infectious waste from household waste; Infectious medical wastes are transported by the University of Medical Sciences contractors and are treated with extra precaution.

Statistics indicate that more citizens become sick with the COVID-19; so, the garbage bags must have been tested and certified in accordance with defined parameters to mitigate any risks to public health and safety and keep our the community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Isfahan practices guidelines over Coronavirus waste management

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