Safety main indicator of child-friendly city

"In order to achieve a child-friendly city, various parameters should be taken into account; what is important here is to give due regard to the common and different needs of children at various ages," an urban planning expert said.

Iran (IMNA) - Farzad Momeni stated, "A city can be recognized as a child-friendly city only if its urban spaces reflect standard and specific parameters for children."

He added, "Designing urban spaces and planning for children should be determined by detailed studies based on which the needs of children of all ages have been considered."

The urban planning expert pointed out that the needs of children is changing at different ages, and the design of urban spaces may be recognized successful when it meets all these needs in some way; For example, a children at some ages needs more physical activity, while at other ages he or she needs practicing mental activity and creativity.

Momeni noted that the different needs of children should not lead to their confinement and continued, "The first point that should be duly taken into account in a child-friendly city is the matter of security, because if the safety of children in urban spaces and environments is provided, their presence in different parts of the city will be guaranteed. "

Momeni emphasized: If the security of children, both physically and mentally, is backed, they can easily participate in city administration affairs.

He continued, "moving towards designing and creating human-centered spaces is an effective step closer to the safety of children."

The urban planning expert said, "Unlike car-centric spaces, human-centered spaces provide the conditions for the safe presence of citizens in the city, and if areas such as sidewalks or bicycle paths receive more attention in urban design, a child-friendly city will be realized. "

Momeni added, "Urban planning policies and approaches should head in the direction where children get immediately involved in urbanization affairs.

Safety main indicator of child-friendly city

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