Isfahan Municipality ready to go for plastic free future

Emphasizing the key role and importance of the Task Force on Advertising & Information for having appropriate tools to put the culture of reducing plastic consumption in picture, the CEO of Isfahan Municipality’s Department for Waste Management said, “The performance of this working group is one of the main pillars of culture making in this regard.”

Iran (IMNA) - The municipality of Isfahan is ready to hit the road toward the plastic free movement. The municipal authorities have modeled a comprehensive project to make the city free from plastics.

Isfahan is transitioning from a linear to a circular model of resource
management, and the implementation of this change takes place at a local level.

Adopting the zero waste plan, the municipality of Isfahan collects the relevant data to create an action plan on the progress, and so far it has made efforts towards achieving its goals and objectives outlined in the plan.

The municipality has conducted offline - online regular awareness raising and information sharing events for the community to develop understanding on the planned zero waste actions.
The vision and aim of Zero Plastic Isfahan programme is to
accelerate the transition towards zero plastic at the local level, with the implementation of the latest impactful zero waste strategies based on citizen-centered models, leading to a significant decrease in waste generation through an increase in the recycling, reusing and repairing of materials.

With the municipality having committed and working towards
zero waste already, the administration is really gaining momentum. However, there remain significant social and cultural challenges in place that are slowing down the transition to a zero waste future.

Isfahan Municipality ready to go for plastic free future

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