Isfahan Municipality removed barriers to connecting with sister cities

"The Iran - Portugal Friendship Association can extend future endeavors by focusing more on Isfahan's resources, especially in the areas of children and music," Rui Moreira, the mayor of Porto said.

Iran (IMNA) - Responding to the invitation of the mayor of Isfahan to visit this Iranian city, Rui Moreira said, "I have not been to Isfahan so far; however, I received the compliments from my son about Isfahan as he traveled to this city a couple of weeks ago and talked about the beauty and relaxed atmosphere of Isfahan. "

"By concluding this sister-city agreement, we are now friends. We (The Portuguese people) not only praise your country, but also the valuable history and the heritages registered by the UNESCO because such heritages are important for people from all over the world," the mayor of Porto said during the signing ceremony of the Isfahan-Porto twinning agreement.

Emphasizing that he has the utmost respect for culture, especially Iranian poetry and poets, Moreira stated, "I want these poems to be translated into Portuguese."

He expressed hope that the twinning agreement between Isfahan and Porto will strengthen the economic and commercial cooperation between the two cities.

"During this period of urban management, we not only revived the relations with some sister cities and recommence the communications through projects like "Citizen Diplomat", but also added two cities to the list of Ishaan's twins; Samarkand and Porto," the mayor of Isfahan Ghodratollah Norouzi said during the ceremony.

"We are happy that in the last four years we have removed the barriers to connecting with sister cities within the municipal framework and involved other bodies like sport clubs and universities as facilitators to get the most out of the sister cities relations," Norouzi said.

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