Isfahan's movement to reduce plastic consumption

The Managing Director of Isfahan Waste Management Organization announced an initiative to replace the out-of-home advertising (OOH) on recycling stations and dry waste collection vehicles with the focus on providing information related to reducing plastic use.

Iran (IMNA) - "The plan to update OOH on recycling stations and dry waste collection vehicles is on the agenda, so that the issue of plastic and nylon waste and their impact on environment will receive attention, and it will arise public sensitivity against this background," Rahim Mohammadi said.

Considering the establishment of the executive headquarters for prevention and optimal monitoring of plastic use in Isfahan and the role of the waste management organization in providing information and training under the framework of a movement called "Vaghteshe [Now is the time], The managing director of Isfahan Waste Management Organization said, " The message of the movement has been displayed in all visual spaces at the disposal of the Waste Management Organization. We endeavor to pay attention to the simplicity and communicating power of the content when preparing this type of environmental advertising. We can convey our informative messages to the citizens in the shortest possible time and witness the impact of such educational products on the behavior of the citizens."

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