Moscow Kurdish Film Festival to be started on July 21

Moscow Kurdish Film Festival will be held in the capital of Russia for the first time. The festival will show films reflecting Kurdish culture and history, as well as modern life of the nation. The festival starts on July 21 and will last until July 25, 2021.

Iran (IMNA) - MKFF 2021 is included in the list of international film festivals held in the territory of the Russian Federation for 2021 by the Ministry of Culture the Russian Federation, signed by the Minister of Culture O.B. Lyubimova. (Order No. 1692 dated December 24, 2020).

Kurds are one of the oldest nations of the world, therefore have a rich history and distinctive culture. Their struggle for independence goes back centuries. All of this is reflected in contemporary Kurdish cinema.

The film "Zare" directed by Amo Beknazarov is rightfully considered the first film about Kurds in the history of world cinema. This silent dramatic film, filmed in 1926 by the "Armenfilm" film studio, tells about the life of the Yezidi Kurds in Transcaucasia and their struggle against the tsarist officials.

The next significant event in Kurdish cinema is the appearance of the legendary actor and director Yilmaz Guney, whom the Kurds call "the father of Kurdish cinematography." His film "The Road" tells about life struggles of the Kurds in southeastern Turkey. The film won 1982 Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for a Golden Globe.

After the creation of the Kurdish autonomous region in Iraq, Kurdish cinema made a significant breakthrough. Since 2000, films directed by Kurdish filmmakers from all four parts of Kurdistan and the diaspora have been featured in international film festivals and have won prestigious awards. Young Kurdish cinema has become recognizable thanks to the works of famous directors such as Bahman Ghobadi, Jano Rozebiani, Shawkat Amin Korki, Mano Khalil and others.

Kurdish cinema is rapidly developing and gaining popularity not only among the worlds diasporas. Kurdish film festivals are successfully held in the capitals of Europe and the world, and Moscow is no exception.
Moscow Kurdish Film Festival is a historical cultural event for all Kurds of the world. Today, about 70 thousand Kurds live in Russia. The festival contributes to the preservation of national identity, the development of the native language and national culture, as well as to share its historical and cultural heritage with other nations living in Russia.

Viewers at MKFF 2021 will be able to see some of the best modern Kurdish films, awarded and nominated at prestigious international film festivals around the world, as well as question and answer sessions with the creators of the films. In total, the festival program includes 35 films of different genres, most of which will be shown in Russia for the first time. 15 full-length films will be screened in the halls of the cinema center “October”, the remaining 20 short films are planned to be screened online during the days of the festival.

In the first year of MKFF, the work of the jury is not provided, since the main goal of the festival is introduction to Kurdish cinema. Thanks to the festival, viewers will see films reflecting Kurdish culture, history of the people, modern life and issues. Feature films, documentaries and short films participating in the film festival, filmed by directors from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey and other countries, will be shown in their original language with Russian subtitles.
“We planned to hold our film festival in May last year and to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the Victory in World War II, in which many Kurds also participated.

But the situation in the world has made its own adjustments and we had to postpone the festival to 2021. We hope that this year everything will be successful and the festival will become an important cultural event in Moscow, ”says the director of the festival Inna Tedzhoeva.
Taking into account the difficult epidemiological situation in the cinema halls, a "chess seating arrangement" will be taking place. Viewers will be kindly asked to wear masks and gloves during the screening. The organizers have reduced the number of festival events not directly related to the film screenings.

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