Isfahan taken huge step toward wildlife conservation

Globally, millions of people visit zoos and aquariums every year without knowing that they actually go for menageries with captivated animals in prisons with limited space to move freely!

Iran (IMNA) - Few zoo-visitors are likely to concern about the safeguarding of their world's unique creatures, or shifting the function of zoos into protected areas.

As the world becomes aware of the environmental concept, city leaders understand that zoos can play brilliant roles in the conservation of animal biodiversity focusing on the acute challenges of species preservation.

"In this regard, and following the order of the Mayor of Isfahan to change the role of city's Zoo to a wildlife rehabilitation and conservation center, public visits to Sofeh zoo banned and the center started its animal friendly activities with the support of animal right activists from Juan 14,2021, " The deputy mayor of Isfahan Hossein Amiri said.

He added, "Determining the functional statement of Sofeh Zoo has been one of the demands of environmentalists and animal lovers; Members of the Islamic Council of the city have also been seriously pursuing this matter."

 Isfahan take huge step toward wildlife conservation

The deputy mayor of Isfahan noted, "In this regard, several meetings were held to resolve concerns and determine the functional statement of this complex. Finally, having the order of the mayor of Isfahan, the zoo was turned into a nursing home."

Amiri emphasized, "the center will welcome homeless or injured animals under the supervision of Isfahan's Environmental Protection Agency."

"As determined, animals that may live in a protected natural areas will be delivered to the wild nature and the rest be transferred to a more suitable environment," he continued.

Regarding the birds keeping in the zoo, Amiri added, "Currently, more than 100 birds are preserved in this place, which will be sent to Isfahan's bird garden in the next few days after get them vaccinated.

 Isfahan take huge step toward wildlife conservation

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