Isfahan recognizes its Islamic city council members

Iran has one of the most frequent election cycles in the world, in fact, since 1979, Iranian citizens have gone to the polls at least once a year in order to elect parliamentary members, various councils and assembly members, and presidents as well.

Iran (IMNA) - While the presidential contest is affecting other political processes, the local council polls also play a significant role in shaping economic and social developments over the next four years. Indeed, Islamic city councils and municipalities of large cities often act as platforms for executing political decisions at the regional and national level.

On June 18, Iranians not only cast their votes for presidential election, but they also elected more than 100,000 city, county, and village council members throughout the country. These elected representatives play a leading role in planning and managing policies that directly impact the future of their constituents in each municipality.

By and large, voters’ turnout in city council elections tend to be high. As indicated by the number of past participants, the city council elections have the potential to get out the vote and promote election fervor.

At first glance, city council elections may appear much less important than the presidential election, but the city and village council members have a clear and quick impact on the daily lives of Iranians as they have the power to appoint and dismiss mayors, approve and allocate municipal budgets, and give permissions to development projects. Furthermore, city council elections have also facilitated the political power shift among various political parties at the national level.

The name of newly elected members of the sixth round of Islamic City Council of Isfahan by their popular votes reads as follow;

1. Majid Naderolasli 100746

2. Gholamhossein Sadeghi renani 94010

3. Rasoul Mirbagher  93031

4. Mohammad Reza Fallah 89493

5. Mohammad Nour Salehi  88357

6. Ahmad Reza Mosavar 84646

7. Abolfazl Ghorbani  79116

8. Farzaneh Kolahdouza  76601

9. Seyyed Amir Same  75609

10. Mostafa Nabati Nejhad 75054

11. Manouchehr Mehravi Pour  74094

12. Abbas Hajrasouliha  71277

13. Ali Salehi 70882

Isfahan recognized its Islamic city council members

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