Isfahan, Porto to get sister cities

Isfahan Municipality's Director General for Communications and International Affairs Department announced the conclusion of a sister-city agreement between Isfahan and Porto in the next few weeks.

Iran (IMNA) - Remarking that Porto is recognized as Portugal's cultural capital and second largest city of this South-European country, Iman Hojjati said, "The initial proposal of this twinning partnership has been put forward by the Iranian embassy in Lisbon and following the expression of interest by Isfahan and Porto municipalities, this formal processes for long-term partnership will be moved on a new stage."

He continued, "In conformity with the defined regulations of Iran's Ministry of Interior touching the sister-city agreements, Isfahan Municipality's Department for Communications and International Affairs delivered the related bill to the Islamic City Council of Isfahan for ratification."

Noting that the case of this partnership has also been sent to the Ministry of Interior for further review, he added, "The draft of the Memorandum of Understanding is currently being codified by international relations specialists in Isfahan and Porto Municipalities. The final agreement will be officially signed by both parties during an online meeting."

Porto was selected as European Capital of Culture on 13th January 2001. In addition, the heart of the city, which forms its historic context, was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996.

Hojjati pointed out, "Porto is comparable with Isfahan in areas including architectural feature; Porto is considered as Europe’s pre-eminence of architecture. It also homes one of the world’s most prestigious architectural schools. "

Isfahan Municipality's Director General for Communications and International Affairs Department ended, "The International Affairs Office of Isfahan Municipality with the cooperation of the Portugal-Iran Friendship Association will hold an event centered on Isfahan’s culture at the Municipal Library of Porto on July 25. "

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