Isfahan, Florence to stream joint musical compositions

Following an online conversation between the mayor of Isfahan and Florence's mayor on joint cultural and artistic cooperation to make the most of the capacities of the two sister cities, the directors of international relations in both cities held an engaging online conference to discuss the implementation of joint cultural-artistic events .

Iran (IMNA) - Referring to the recent conversation between the mayor of Isfahan and Florence's mayor on common features between the two sister cities, Isfahan Municipality’s director for international affairs Iman Hojjati said, "Our intention was to display the historical aspect of Isfahan and Florence out of a joint effort; against this background, producing musical compositions and streaming them on social media platforms would be attractive to a global audience."

He continued, "The prepared compositions, which will be produced and broadcasted as a mutual partnership of artists, will be taken from the musical culture of the two countries."

The Director General of Communication and International Affairs Department of Isfahan Municipality added, "During the conversation between the Mayor of Isfahan and Florence's mayor, the four subject matters of the Citizen Diplomat action plan, collaborative art projects, scientific and academic exchanges and the tramway project were discussed."

Ms. Zamparella, Advisor to the Mayor of Florence on International and Cultural Affairs, welcomed the implementation of a joint art project between the two cities of Isfahan and Florence and emphasized the establishment of a cooperative framework.

Isfahan-Florence twinning agreement was inked during the visit of the then-Italian Foreign Minister Lamberto Dini and his accompanying delegation to Tehran in 1998 aiming to pave the way for further implementation of joint cultural and artistic projects; over the last four years, bilateral consultations have been initiated by the Municipality of Isfahan to revive the relations between the two cities.

The mayor of Isfahan seized the opportunity of online conversations during Coronavirus pandemic to maintain and improve the long-term partnership with different cities; every week, the municipality's board of directors held web conferences with the mayors of sister cities as well as Iranian ambassadors to different countries.

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