Cities should involve children in urban management

The Deputy Mayor of Isfahan for Urban Planning and Architecture said, "Traditional approaches for city governance should be in compliance with the standards of a child-friendly city; new and unique strategic measures at the level of leading child friendly countries should be taken not only in Isfahan but also within all Iranian cities."

Iran (IMNA) - "A set of decisions and surveillances in all departments and administrations creates the conceptual framework of a child-friendly city; a lack of cooperation and coordination among inter-departmental affairs will lead to irregularities, " Seyed ahmad Hosseini nia stated.

Noting that the formulation and ratification of applicable and strong regulations will help to keep up the realization course of being child-friendly cities, he added, "Child-friendly city is inevitably a right-oriented community; everything from the urban context, structures and regulations in such city is based on child-friendly standards. The child friendly governance is striving to realize children's rights including healthcare, happiness, education, childhood development, justice and family support."

He continued, "Observing construction regulations, standardization of roads and upgrading urban facilities to maintain the safety and health of children and adults, and taking advantage of attractive colors and patterns in urban spaces are efforts to bring social vitality to all children and families."

Hosseini nia went on to say that, "Having appropriate infrastructures such as establishing the "Home of teenagers and children", the formation of the first advisory council for children and adolescents with clear and transparent criteria, and involving some of them in executive processes by implementing various and up-to-date programs have provided a good platform for children's mental and physical development."

Emphasizing that in a child-friendly city, children should be acquainted with their demands in the process of participation, and get familiar with the facilities that the surrounding environment provides them, he said, "An opportunity has been provided for children to control their environment with independence in decision-making and participation."

The Deputy Mayor of Isfahan for Urban Planning and Architecture noted that the Children's Advisory Council in Isfahan enjoys an innovative approach to educate urban management and social participation to children by the way of encouraging their involvement in urban planning. "

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