Acclaimed Iranian Documentary 'Holy Bread' wins several prizes in Italy's Trento Int'l Filmfest

The documentary 'Holy Bread' directed by the late Rahim Zabihi and produced by Touraj Aslani managed to ‘Holy Bread,’ managed to win several major prizes at the 69th Trento International Film Festival in Italy.

Iran (IMNA) - Holy Bread snatched the Golden Gentian Club Alpino Italiano Prize, which is awarded to the best film on mountaineering, mountain life and mountain people.
The documentary 'Holy Bread', is the latest work of the late Rahim Zabihi and produced by Touraj Aslani, and director of experimental cinematography of Iranian cinema and produced by MAAD Movie Company.
In an aim to win the prize, the Zabihi’s feature competed with 13 other movies for the award from France, Morocco, Switzerland, Italy, Uruguay, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Austria, USA, Poland, Bulgaria, Greenland, China and Belgium.
The film also has won the € 3,000 Gold Award for Best Golden Gentian Film includes "Living in the Mountains and the People in the Mountains" and a € 500 award from the Trento Peace and Human Rights Association.
The international distribution of this documentary is the responsibility of the "Persian Goddess" (Eli Image) company under the management of Elahe Nobakht.
The jury members of the main competition of the 69th Trento Film Festival in Italy were Anne Delset, Artistic Director from France, Cinzia Angelini, Animation Director from Italy, Maura Delpro, an Italian director, Emile Hertling Péronard, a Danish producer, and Nahuel Uria, an Argentine producer and art director.
The documentary highlights the dangerous work of Kurdish Kulbars.
Kulbars are workers who transport heavy goods on foot across the Iranian border passing through rocky, steep and slippery mountainous pathways to make a living to support their families.
The workers face numerous challenges as they walk along dangerous paths, suffering from injuries as well as being shot at by border police, and even dying along the hazardous route.
“Holy Bread” narrates the men’s distressing stories with powerful scenes captured by the director’s filming crew while accompanying the workers for 9 years, documenting what can be described as a disclosure of a group of men whose lives are driven by hunger, poverty and despair in the lowest margins of the social class.
The Trento International Film Festival, which is one of the oldest European film festivals dedicated to the mountains, adventure as well as exploration, took place online from May 9 to 16 in Trento, Italy, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.
Some 100 films by various filmmakers from all across the world had participated in the 69th edition of the event in eight diverse genres.
Founded in 1952, Trento Film Festival is considered as one of the oldest iglobal film festival which is dedicated to the mountains, adventure and exploration.

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