National Commemoration Day of Iran's Ferdowsi

Iran's Tus homes the tomb of Hakim Abul-Qasim Ferdowsi, prominent Iranian poet who is recognized as the savior of Farsi language for his Shahnameh.

The masterpiece which is literary means the Book of Kings is not merely a literary artwork, but also a book that acts as a safeguard to the survival of Farsi. Having more than 50,000 couplets, Shahnameh is the longest poem ever written by a single poet that took him thirty years to write!

Finishing the masterwork, Ferdowsi gave us his own view on the Shahnameh that reads as follow;

Much I have suffered in these thirty years,

I have revived the Ajam1 with my verse.

I will not die then alive in the world,

For I have spread the seed of the word.

Whoever has sense, path and faith,

After my death will send me praise.

“Much I have suffered in these thirty years,

I have revived the language with my verse”

Abolqasem Ferdowsi, the great Iranian poet, died in poverty at age 81, and was buried in his own garden in Razavi Khorasan 's Toos, 20 kilometers north of Mashhad.

Inspiring by architectural style of Achaemenid era, his mausoleum gives the impression of the tomb of Great Cyrus. The memorial structure was built in the early 1313 SH by the order of Ghaznavid governor of Khorasan and renovated during the reign of Reza Shah.

Some verses of Shahname have adorned the marble and pillars of the tomb. Ferdowsi's mausoleum was refashioned by Houshang Sihon with some modifications in the decoration, size and dimensions.

National Commemoration Day of Iran's Ferdowsi

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