Reducing environmental pollution with wastewater in Isfahan

The Deputy Mayor of Isfahan for urban services detailed a set of projects defined by the municipality's department for urban services under the title of “Isfahan 1405 strategic plan” that targets the reduction of environmental pollution with main focus on curbing air pollution.

Hossein Amiri stated, “Reducing the adverse effects of improper waste management, maintaining the ecological green space per capita with emphasis on containing the pressure on groundwater resources and sustaining 28.09 square meters of urban green space for each person are some plans of the urban services deputy office to reduce environmental pollution."

He added, "For the next five years, the amount of w ater extraction from underground sources to irrigate one square meter of green space per year will be reduced from 0.8 cubic meters to 0.4 cubic meters per square meter."

Isfahan Deputy Mayor for urban services announced the increase of wastewater use to over 50% in the next five years and added, "In the next five years, we will also witness a rise in the percentage of irrigation from 60% to nearly 70% with new systems”.

He continued, "Energy production of 1.17 MWh per ton from waste, reduction in per capita daily production of waste from 466 grams to 406 grams per person in the next five years and construction of leachate treatment plant are other projects of urban services deputy office that are defined in the “Isfahan 1405 strategic plan” in order to reduce environmental pollution."

Reducing environmental pollution with wastewater in Isfahan

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