"Holy Bread" won big prize of Mehmet Aksoy in 12th Int'l London Kurdish Film Festival

The documentary "Holy Bread" directed by the late Rahim Zabihi and produced by Touraj Aslani managed to win the big prize of Mehmet Aksoy in the 12th London International Kurdish Film Festival.

Iran (IMNA) - Mehmet Aksoy (24 February 1985 - 26 September 2017), also known as Fîraz Dağ, was a British-Kurdish filmmaker and activist. Aksoy was killed while covering the battle to retake Raqqa in Northern Syria from ISIS. He was embedded with the People's Protection Units when ISIS fighters overran a base where he was staying on 26 September 2017. The cash prize will be awarded to wife and children of late Zabihi.

Halimeh Ahmadzadeh, the wife of late Zabihi, said at the closing ceremony of the London International Kurdish Film Festival: "I hope you are all in perfect health. I am very happy that the film" Holy Bread "was present at this festival. I wish Rahim was alive and there, but unfortunately, fate did not allow him to do so. I hope no human be killed or died, or even frozen in the cold because of bread, and we will no longer see Kulbar. I hope that our future documentaries and films will all be about the peaceful reconciliation and coexistence of human beings."

The international distribution of this documentary is Eli Image Company under the management of Elahe Nobakht.
The 12th London International Kurdish Film Festival and the 8th Yılmaz Güney Memorial Short Film Competition screened about 118 works in three categories: feature films, documentaries, animations, short, fiction, documentary and experimental formats, in several competitive sections, including; "Main Competitive"، "Competitive Short Film" section, "Competitive Documentary Short Film", non-competitive comprising different sections inckuding "Selection of the best works of Yılmaz Güney", "Review of the works of Kazım Öz", "Review of the works of Veysi Altay", "Animated short films", "Once upon a time in Kurdistan", "Children in Film", "Women in Film", "Culture Celebration", "Classical Kurdish Cinema", "The Struggle Continues", "Beyond the Borders", "Screen War", "Tales of Exile" as well as "Master Class of Ebrahim Saeedi", a director and editor from Iran, and "Master Class of Hüseyin Karabey", a director from Turkey, held online from April 16 to 27, 2021 in London, England, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.
Launched in 2001, the London International Kurdish Film Festival is the largest Kurdish film festival in the world on Kurdish people or related issues, with annual screenings of Kurdish and non-Kurdish filmmakers; In several competitive and non-competitive sectors, workshops, specialized sessions and film review sessions are held in London.

The crew of the film are as follow:
Director: Rahim Zabihi
Producer: Touraj Aslani
Editing: Amir Adib-parvar
Sound: Mahmoud Khorsand
Music: Sadeq Azmand
Singer: Jivar Sheikholeslami
Cinematography: Mohammad Noori, Mohammad Fakouri, Mehdi Azadi, Salah Karimi
Sound: Zanyar Kakexani
Investor: Halimeh Ahmadzadeh, Fereshteh Joqtaei
Special Effects and Light and Color Correction: Alireza Qaderi Aqdam
Planner and Assistant Director: Osman Mohammadi
Photography: Farid Nikkhah
Public Relations: Mansour Jahani, Manouchehr Jahani
Co-Production: Elahe Nobakht.
Distribution: Eli Image Company
Produced by MAAD Movie 2020

"Holy Bread" won big prize of Mehmet Aksoy in 12th Int'l London Kurdish Film Festival

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