Place branding to reinforce tourism boom

The Director General of Communication and International Affairs Department of Isfahan Municipality, considered sister-city agreement as an excellent capacity for place branding and said, "the general office for Isfahan’s international affairs has published a book titled *Isfahan and its sisters cities* in which 13 sisters of the city has been introduced in detail."

‌Iran (IMNA) - Iman Hojati added, "This book has been published for those who are interested in such subject to obtain the necessary information and move forward on the basis of the established communications; this book will be delivered to city’s bookstores in near future; furthermore, its pdf file is available on the website

Saying that Isfahan currently holds friendship treaty with the city of Gyeongju in South Korea, he continued, "the binding treaty was established six years ago due to the common grounds between the two cities in terms of being located on the Silk Road.”

Hojjati went on to say that "Due to the similarities between the two neighborhoods of Issy-les-Moulineaux in Paris and Isfahan’s Jolfa quarter, a memorandum of understanding was signed for the first time in the world in April 9, 2018."

Stating that the twinning arrangement is a sub-chapter of urban diplomacy, he remarked, “city diplomacy is a sub-chapter of public diplomacy that refers to the communications established among people. In track-one diplomacy that promoted by the central government, state relations are the mater, and in public and urban diplomacy, public relations are involved. "

Emphasizing that cities are not rivals in terms of providing services to citizens, but competing for drawing the attention of the international community, branding and gaining more shares, The Director General of Communications and International Affairs of Isfahan Municipality continued, "Cities need marketing to boost tourism, and build a place brand."

He considered twining agreement as an excellent capacity for place branding and added, "when the municipality, as a representative of the citizens, signs a sister-city agreement with another city, its primary value is the friendship treaty between the two cities; In fact, following such process, pleasant events for both cities will happen; for example, the university of Isfahan started to collaborate with universities of Lahore and Freiburg after the twining agreement. "

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