Isfahan's measures on developing concept of learning city

The Director General of the Center for Communications and International Affairs of Isfahan Municipality Iman Hojati described the experiences of Isfahan in the context of learning cities under the three mega projects; "7th power", "City Course" and "Teenage Years".

Iran (IMNA) - Addressing Isfahan's experiences in this regard, Iman Hojati said, "Isfahan was the first city in Iran to become a member of the UNESCO Network of Creative Cities in 2015; it also joined the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC) last year."

"The introduction and implementation of the "7th power" project is one of the most prominent measures at the expense of which 10 million man-hour will be provided to 100,000 citizens of Isfahan who are supposed to receive entrepreneurship and business development training," The Director General of the Center for Communications and International Affairs of Isfahan Municipality said.

Noting that modern society faces the challenge of unemployment, Hojati continued, "the project of 7th power" seeks to create new motivations and opportunities for teenagers and young people in respect of entrepreneurship, self-employment and business."

Referring to the "city course" plan as the second mega-project in Isfahan targeting the realization the learning city, he said, "The city course is a measure that seeks citizenship education for students; the municipality of Isfahan launched the project on a smaller scale in previous years; however, with the positive feedback it received, the measure expanded to the larger scale."

Going on to say that the city course provides teachers with supplementary content in 15 topics, Hojati added, "public transportation, waste and recycling, parks and urban green space, firefighting, accidents and safety, energy efficiency, environmental protection, citizenship ethics, citizen involvement, civic responsibility, citizenship and sense of belonging, taking care of public property, Law - abiding, communicating effectively with others, respecting people, and friendship are the titles of these 15 topics."

Pointing to the goals of the " Teenage Years" project, he said, "This project aims at creating cultural and social hangouts as well as identifying talent and training in the fields of oratorical skill and narration, theater, books, games, filmmaking, painting, poetry and literature."

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