Isfahan reaped benefits of smart transport system

The projects of all-inclusive systems of citizen's portal, electronic payment and the comprehensive intelligent management system of Isfahan bus fleet are the big steps towards the realization of the smart city, which will be unveiled by the municipality of Isfahan in the wake of the " Every Sunday, Launching a new project" program.

Iran (IMNA) - The Mega Projects of comprehensive electronic payment system, citizen smart card and all-inclusive intelligent management system of Isfahan bus fleet, are among the main large projects of ICT and ITS departments of the Municipality of Isfahan for which extensive infrastructures were developed last year, and their distinctive capabilities will be fully exploited this year.

With the implementation of the new systems, the city of Isfahan as the first metropolis of the country will be benefited with distinctive features such as being the first Iranian city with a comprehensive and integrated citizen portal connected to several citizen cards, the leading city in Iran taking advantages of an integrated AFC system (Automated Fare Collection) and AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location Systems) and PIS (Passenger Information Systems) for public transport, and the topmost city in the country having QR codes on single bus tickets and Desfire EV2 card in accordance with the latest international standards.

Abbas Rouhani, the CEO of Isfahan and Suburbs Bus Company, said, "Among the services that can be provided with the establishment of new systems are the possibilities of recharging ticket cards and using citizen accounts online, which are unique measures in our country and very rare in the Middle East and Asia."

Isfahan reaped benefits of smart transport system

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