Isfahan recognized as global cultural capital

"Isfahan is not only the cultural capital of Iran but also known as a global Cultural Capital," The Serbian ambassador to Iran said.

Iran (IMNA) - The Serbian ambassador to Iran, while appreciating the mayor of Isfahan for settling the arrangement to hold a meeting, welcomed the proposal suggested by Ghodratollah Norouzi concerning the conclusion of sister-city agreement between Belgrade and Isfahan, and said, "I will follow up on this issue immediately after returning to Tehran."

"The foreign minister of Serbia is going to visit Iran, including Isfahan, in the near future. Despite the current pandemic, reciprocal relations between Iran and Serbia should be continued, because the exchanges including the economic ties between the two countries is still on the run, " Dragan Todorovic said.

Noting that the positive results of the interaction between the two cities of Belgrade and Isfahan will be released soon, the ambassador continued, "Isfahan is not only the cultural capital of Iran but also known as a Global Cultural Capital; you cannot stay anywhere for a long time and always enjoy a new place to visit, while Isfahan has such feature."

The Serbian ambassador to Iran considered the tourism carrying capacity of Isfahan as remarkable and added, "It is not possible to name a specific place in Isfahan as a beautiful site, because everything is charming in this city, and it is an honor for me to be Isfahan today."

He further suggested that an exhibition of Isfahan's cultural and tourism potential be run in Serbia so that Serbs could get acquainted with Isfahan and ended, "Cinematic cooperation can be put on the agenda of the Serbia-Isfahan interactions; even we can even make a joint Serbian-Isfahani production," Dragan Todorovic said.

Isfahan recognized as global cultural capital

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