Isfahan strengthen ties with sister cities

Referring to the measures adopted by the General Directorate of Communications and International Affairs of the Municipality of Isfahan, the mayor of Isfahan Ghodratollah Norouzi said, "Effective steps have been taken by this municipal body that must be borne in mind."

Iran (IMNA) - "Last year, the International Film Festival for Children and Adolescents was held online in the best manner taking the advantage of virtual space amidst the global pandemic; we as the event promoter also laid the background for children to enjoy it," Norouzi continued.

He went on to sat that 500 million tomans was allocated from the savings fund of this festival to purchase tablets for poor children. As an afterthought the sum increased to two billion tomans with the approval of the city council, and then the municipality proceeded to buy tablets for deprived students."

Addressing the strong ties and effective relations between Isfahan and its sister cities, the mayor of Isfahan said, "Isfahan's connections with a number of sister cities had been paled; on that account, joint meetings were arranged with Iranian ambassadors to other countries as well as mayors of Florence, Kuala Lumpur and Kuwait. Isfahan's urban diplomacy was also welcomed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "

Referring to the Diplomat Citizen project, Norouzi said, "This project has been considered as successful initiation by the Iranian ambassadors to the sister countries. If Isfahan is globally known in the world, it's because of the years - long actions taken by municipal administrations."

The sister cities agreemnts of Hyderabad and Samarkand with Isfahan have gone so far as to get signed.

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