Isfahan's Child and Youth Advisory Council launched

The Deputy Mayor of Isfahan for Urban Planning and Architecture said, "With the aim of improving the quality of citizen responsibility, sparking the spirit of participation and teamwork in children and adolescents, Isfahan's Child and Youth Advisory Council has been set up with the the participation of 1,550 children. "

Iran (IMNA) - Hosseini-nia said, "following months of negotiations with the executive council of the child-friendly city, the relevant commissions, and consulting with NGOs active in the field of children and adolescents, as well as experts in the Ministry of Interior and UNICEF, the process of launching Isfahan's Child and Youth Advisory Council in compliance with the enforcement provisions by the Islamic City Council of Isfahan has been initiated in step with the defined measures for child-friendly cities. "

"By announcing the call for participation in all 15 municipal districts of Isfahan, and then conducting the interview processes by five experts in related fields, as well as performing field research, especially at schools, and finally applying scientific selection, 60 participants were picked as candidates in the two age categories of 9 to 13 and 14 to 18 years old, while taking the justice and spatial equality among all children into account, " the chairman of the Executive Council for Child Friendly City of Isfahan said.

The head of the Executive Council for Child Friendly City of Isfahan continued, "One of the advantages of the election process is that the right of all children to participate has been observed in all its stages; about 15 children from Afghanistan has also participated in election process. "

He also considered the presence and social participation of more girls than boys as one of the remarkable points in this course and added, "girls make up 70% of Isfahan's Child and Youth Advisory Council members, so that 22 out of 31 members of the Advisory Council are girls. "

Hosseini-nia ended, "The need to recognize the needs of children with their own participation and taking their voices into account during the process of urban planning are among the programs of this council. Creating an urban mentality for children is another goal of forming the council. "

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