Worn-out urban textures to get renovated in Isfahan

The CEO of Isfahan's Urban Renovation and Improvement Organization said, "2,380 hectares of Isfahan, equivalent to 12% of the total area of this metropolis, is inefficient in terms of urban land uses."

Iran (IMNA) - "12% of the total area of Isfahan in 237 spots of worn-out textures in 15 municipal has been scattered in the forms of good-for-nothing textures with rural background, informal settlements and dysfunctional historical texture; therefore, we must take all dimensions of the city's textures into account, including physical, social and economic ones," Mohammad Feyz noted.

The CEO of Isfahan's Urban Renovation and Improvement Organization emphasized, "The measures taken by this organization with the method of executive planning and policy-making are very effective in many cases, particularly in improving the livelihood of residents or addressing social issues that would get better in parallel with urban physical rehabilitation.

Emphasizing the role of specialized workforces and citizen involvement in the implementation of renovation and improvement projects in the city, Feyz said, "In recent years, with the challenge of sustainable reconstruction of dysfunctional urban textures, direct intervention in physical tissue is not tackled as a sole solution; in order to solve them, all dimensions of the urban context, including physical, social, and economic ones must be addressed simultaneously."

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