Isfahan leader in urban and public diplomacy

Emphasizing the importance of paying attention to economic, cultural, sports and tourism issues, the Mayor of Isfahan said, "We are trying to realize the economy of culture, sports and tourism of Isfahan as the city is the heart of Iran; also, regarding the historic background and geographical location, Isfahan has revealed a considerable potential."

Iran (IMNA) - Praising the young members of the Foreign Affairs and International Relations Department of Isfahan Municipality, the mayor emphasized, "The municipal team is motivated and creative in the field of international relations, and of course, in Iran, the municipality of Isfahan has been a leader as pertaining to the urban and public diplomacy."

"Isfahan Municipality recently has received the UNICEF CFCI logo after two years of efforts and follow-ups. Isfahan has been a member of many international organizations and acts highly potent in the field of urban diplomacy," Norouzi said.

Referring to the measures taken by the municipality of Isfahan to reduce air pollution, he continued, "During the period of current urban management board, in addition to subway line one, we started the executive operation of line two, and now the construction of this line has reached an acceptable level."

Nothing that the reconstruction and modernization of Isfahan's bus fleet is on the agenda, Norouzi said, "There are 1,300 kilometers routes in the city of Isfahan, of which 777 kilometers are supposed to become cycling routes so that each bicycle can replace a car; carrying out such measures will undoubtedly be effective in curbing air pollution and traffic."

Emphasizing the need to increase the number of pedestrian spaces in the city, the mayor of Isfahan had said earlier that "Isfahan should adopt wide sidewalks in the city instead of broad streets. Predicted on this policy, we have intended to pedestrianize the space from Azadi Square to Si-o-se-pol Bridge. The municipality is creating a path that will connect the 4 main squares of Enghelab, Imam Hussein, Imam Square and Imam Ali through a pedestrian footpath. "

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