Isfahan to reinvigorate relations with Barcelona

“Isfahan is currently recognized a twin to 13 cities across the world, and soon India’s Hyderabad will be added to the list of Isfahan’s twin cities. Also, Isfahan intends to develop a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a sister city relationship with Samarkand,” Ghodratollah Norouzi said in an online meeting with the Iranian ambassador to Spain.

Iran (IMNA) - "Last year, the attenuated bond between Isfahan and its sister city in Spain, namely Barcelona, was fortunately revived; during this period of municipal management, effective communication with twin cities brought to the attention. The Coronavirus pandemic has opened us the opportunity to interact and establish communication through virtual space," he added.

On the subject of the connection with the sister cities, the mayor of Isfahan noted, "due to the current pandemic, meetings were held with many mayors of cities around the world by means of video conferencing. Hopefully, Isfahan's relationship with its twin cities has been highlighted, and is now at a sustainable level."

Norouzi emphasized, “The main focus of the noticeable action plans of the mayor of Isfahan in this municipal management period was on "tourism"; so, we stablished linkages with many cities all over the world and held several festivals, but the outbreak of the Coronavirus called off all deals. As a case in point, we were trying to implement various programs in the form of Isfahan’s tourism action plan 2020, but we wound up with the pandemic. "

He continued, "in the view of the condition, negotiations were conducted with the mayors of many cities across the world through cyberspace, and significant opportunities were recognized in urban diplomacy."

Referring to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' taking up the "Citizen Diplomat" project by the municipality of Isfahan, Norouzi remarked, "This action plan has been revealed to all Iranians and Isfahani people living in sister cities to have their solutions so that we can take advantage of their support to enhance relations with twin cities in the domain of urban diplomacy.”

Isfahan to reinvigorate relations with Barcelona

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