1 February 2021 - 11:09
Isfahan to develop Eco Park

The CEO of Isfahan Municipality's department for Parks and Green Spaces said, "53 hectares Eco Park will be added to Isfahan by the end of March, 2020."

Iran (IMNA) - According to Andersen, (2006), ecological design will be a crucial component of the sustainable city, not only because of its potential to reduce the ecological impacts of urban life, but also because of its capacity to communicate new cultural conceptions of the human relationship to nature.

"Eco Park (ecological parks) provides advanced systems for having a calm and stable environment," Forogh Mortazaeinezhad said.

Adding that comprehensive, integrated and coherent measures can be taken to balance the elements in the park, she noted, "the native species of the region must be resistant and compatible with considered climatic conditions; sources of gray water and treated effluents or new pressurized irrigation systems should also be used for irrigation purposes."

Pointing that recycled materials will be used in the design of its furniture. The managing director of the Parks and Green Space Organization of the Municipality of Isfahan continued, Mortezaiinezhad noted "In the eco-park, electrical energy should be provided through solar cells."

Building an eco-friendly park does more than provide a beautiful gathering place for people. It also helps strengthen the environment by bolstering the area’s native flora and fauna.

Parks do more than beautifying and enhancing a community. They’re also vital for preserving and protecting natural areas and supporting a healthy ecosystem.

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