30 January 2021 - 14:22
Visit Estil Lagoon, where trees walk

Wetlands all over the world are important for the environment as they are home to a big part of all species and provide a great part of the food supply.

Iran (IMNA) - But more importantly, they offer significant tourism opportunities that can be an important source of income for the countries.

People are naturally attracted to water when they need to be in contact with nature. Every year, millions of tourists see and experience the wonders of nature in the wetlands, which constitute one of tourism’s greatest assets and a unique setting for many tourism activities.

Iran also has a great share of wetlands, as 105 wetlands are in Iran stretching 3 million hectares of land.

There are several domestic and foreign tourists, nature lovers, and bird watchers, who travel across Iran every year to visit the wetlands, of which one of the most magnificent is Estil Lagoon.

Located in the northern province of Gilan, near the road that connects Astara to Rasht, Estil lagoon offers tourists a unique sight that they may never see again elsewhere.

The first thing that catches visitors’ eye is floating alder trees. The surprising thing about the trees is that their roots are actually in the water, so they are always moving through the lagoon.

If you stay by the lagoon for a few days, you will notice that the water of the lagoon also moves. In this movement, short trees go underwater and in the next movement, they come out of it, therefore, the lagoon is called the moving lake by the locals.

Tourists can experience a relaxed memorable stay in dreamy cottages on the water and enjoy the view of mountains, forests, farms, and lush green rice paddies around the lagoon.

Estil Lagoon, which is sandwiched between towering mountains and the Caspian Sea coast, covers an area of 138 hectares.

The lagoon is a haven for birdwatchers as it shelters different species of native and migratory birds. It is also home to a total of 80 species of flora and fauna, some of which are in the category of endangered animals.

The northern provinces of Gilan, Golestan, and Mazandaran embrace a variety of freshwater lakes, wetlands, and lagoons, which are the main destinations for nature tourists.


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