Italian, South Korean, Iranian Judges to review TISFF films

Several judges from Italy, South Korea and Iran will review 63 short films from 19 countries in the 37th edition of the Tehran International Short Film Festival (TISFF) which inaugurated in Tehran on Jan 20, 2021.

Iran (IMNA) - Iranian Director Behnam Behzadi, Italian Director Lia Beltrami as well as Planning Manager of Bussan Film Festival Kyeongyeon are slated to judge the films in this international film festival.

The names of films which compete for winning the festival trophy and its 3,000-dollar-pize in fiction, documentary, experiment and animation sections are as follows:

Fiction Section:
-"A Jar of Nuts", by Marios Petrondas & Emma Doxiadi
Savvas Stavrou (Cyprus)
"After Class" by Charles Xiuzhi Dong & Branton Choi & Brenden Hubbard (China)
-"Ballast", by Daniel HOWLID, (Poland)
-"BARADAR, by Francesco Casolo, (Italy)
-"Before the Typhoon Comes", by Chen Yun, (China)
-"Broccoli", by Stéphane Pierrat, Eliott Fettweis & Paul Dexemple, (France)
-"Business Trip", by Won Gyu Lee, (South Korea)
-"DA YIE (Good Night)", by Anthony Nti, Ghana
-"DAYDREAM", by cédric Martin, ( France)
-"Distances", by Susan Béjar, (Spain)
-"Dogs Bark", by Sergio Serrano, (Spain)
-"Dogwatch", by Group Production, (Austria)
-"Drifting", by Yilei Hao, Hanxiong Bo, (China)
-"Good morning", by Karolina Peggy Błażejczak & Bartosz Kozera, Bartosz Kozera, (Poland)
-"Hammurabi", by Patrick Kennelly, (USA)
-"Keep It Quiet", by Yaya Simakova, (USA)
-"Lake of Happiness", by Aliaksei Paluyan, (Belarus)
-"Leave of Absence", by Group production, (Russia)
-"MORTENOL", by Florence Borelly, Julien silloray, (France)
-"NINA", by Nikolay Todorov & Elena Mosholova & Poli Angelova, Hristo Simeonov, (Bulgaria)
-"PARADISE", by Anthony Doncque, Pablo Guirado, (France)
-"REBEL", by Geneviève Gosselin-G.,Pier-Philippe Chevigny, (Canada)
-"STICKER", by Ivan Unkovski, (Macedonia)
-"The Best Orchestra in the World", by Lukas Rosatti, Henning Backhaus, (Austria)
-"THE RETURN", by Charlie kouka, (France)
-"The Saverini Widow", by Jonathan Hazan, Loïc Gaillard & Wilfried Méance, (France)
-"THE SWING", by Ali Toktakunov, Samara Sagynbaeva, Dastan Zhapar Uulu, (Kyrgyzstan)
-"The woman of the house", by Felipe Espinosa, (Spain)
-"Well", by Luis Sánchez-Polack, (Spain)
-"Bitter Meat", by Farid Haji, (Iran)
-"Dakal", by Babak Mostafavi, (Iran)
-"Daghi", by Fatemeh Mohammadi, (Iran)
-White Winged Horse", by Mahyar Mandegar, (Iran)"-

Documentary Section:
-"Arctic", by Josu Venero, Xabi Paya (Spain)
"Blue Frontier", by Ivan Milosavljevi (Serbia) -
"Pripyat Piano", by Jindřich Andrš (Czech Republic)-
-"Revision", by Mikhail Zheleznikov (Russia)
-"St.Kulon", by Ernest Lorek (Poland)
-"The Last Headhunters", by Marco del lucchese & Cosimo Gragnani (Italy)
-"The Undesirables", by Léa MONFORTE (France)
-"WHEN MOM IS GONE", by Zeynep Gulru Kececiler ( Turkey)
-"Kak Iraj", by Jamshid Farajvand (Iran)

Animation Section:
-"Metro", by Wojciech Leszczynski, (Poland)
-"400-MPH", by Philippe Meis, (France)
-"Boy in the Woods", by Gabriel Garcia, (Brazil)
-"Candela", by Marc Riba & Anna Solanas, Núria Riba, (Spain)
-"Dry Sea", by Karim Rhellam, (Belgium)
-"Epirenov", by Roxana Bordione &Florencia Pilotti, (Argentina)
-"Metro", by Valentin Tyuterev, (Russia)
-"Last Supper", by Piotr Furmankiewicz & Mateusz Michalak, (Poland)
-"PEARL DIVER", by Margrethe Danielsen, (Norway)
-"Rats in the Walls", by Miryana Sarandeva, (Austria)
-"Reason", by Szymon Ruczyński, (Poland)
-"Re-Cycle", by Ewa Jastrzebska, (Poland)
-"STRANGER", by Antonio Michele Stea, (Italy)
-"Subway", by Paulina Wyrt, Robert Kuzniewski, (Poland)
-"The boy and the owl", by Mário Gajo de Carvalho, (Portugal)
-"The Kite", by Ondřej ŠEJNOHA, Peter BADAč, Martin Samanta, (Czech Republic)
-"Red Fire", by Mona Abdollah Shahi, (Iran)
-"Crab",by Shiva Sadeqi Assadi, (Iran)

Experimental Section:
"My Body Given For You", by François Delaroière (France)-
-"The house of my childhood Binds My Body", by Jandre van Heerden (South Africa)
Presided by Sadeq Mousavi, the event which is currently underway in physical and online formats in Iran Mall cinema hall will be wrapped up on Jan 24.

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