Strengthening creative tourism infrastructure in Iranian metropolises

"By concluding a memorandum of understanding on creative tourism between the Iranian cities of Rasht, Mashhad and Isfahan, the required infrastructure among these metropolises will be provided, and the essential social and knowledge-based contexts will be promoted along with cultural and artistic ones," the head of the Cultural, Social, and Sports Organization of Isfahan municipality said.

Iran (IMNA) - Referring to the conclusion of a Memorandum of Understanding on Creative Tourism among the cities of Rasht, Mashhad and Isfahan, Mohammad Eidi said, "Sustainable development means having growth commensurate with ecological characteristics; it signifies that facilities get accessible and distributed respecting to the principles of urban justice so that we can create a city where competitiveness and viability recognized as two main markers."

He added, "While increasing the level of participation, we must achieve a degree of cultural creativity that recreates the components of life in the urban spaces."

Noting that with the globalization efforts, the social relations of cities have expanded beyond the geographical borders in the national and international dimension, the deputy mayor of Isfahan said, "In the process of globalization, urban identities were placed in the global context, so that the world came into the correct reasoning that in the process of globalization, we must first be indigenous, then we must form globalized ecosystems."

He continued, "Today, cities are trying to recreate urban life based on indigenous indicators by empowering and promoting local capabilities, talent identification and networking."

Eidi said, "Creative tourism is considered as one of the important tools for the formation of creative cities, and cities that cultivate the idea of sustainable development, cannot ignore the growth of creative tourism for the establishment of creative cities. "

Isfahan Deputy Mayor ended, "the municipality of Isfahan in this period of urban management has expanded the level of its relations beyond the geographical domains and has become an intercultural center to act as an influential element in the Islamic republic of Iran.

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