Enhancing public transport infrastructure to reduce air pollution

The director of Urban Motor Vehicle Services Organization of the municipality of Isfahan said, “Renovation of municipal services equipment has been a step towards reducing air pollution that realized with the efforts of the mayor and the city council members.”

Iran (IMNA) - Hassan Nezamzadeh said, ”with a credit of 250 billion Rials, municipal services machines such as two excavators, 10 Hyundai Garbage Dump Trucks and a truck crane were purchased. These facilities will significantly reduce repairs and maintenance expenses of the municipal machinery of Urban Motor Vehicle Services Organization."

Saying that the modernization of machinery and reducing their pollution, are the main elements to the implementation of the Clean Air Law, the mayor of Isfahan said, “The municipality will equip urban infrastructure full steam ahead. "

Noting that urban outdoor air pollution such as norganic dust ( gypsum dust) should be taken seriously, Norouzi continued, "we must move towards strengthening the infrastructure in the field of public transportation."

Over 6 million people in Isfahan are living with heavy air pollution, according to the most recent data. Dust storms, on-road motor vehicles like buses and cars, off-road vehicles such as bulldozers, and the main blameworthy factors, industrial activities such as oil refining and power generation, are the major causes of air pollution in Isfahan.

Population growth, uncontrolled urban expansion, rapid growth in the number of motor vehicles, especially automobiles and their widespread use in metropolitan areas, lack of comprehensive scientific planning, as well as transport challenges have brought forth problems such as severe environmental pollution, heavy traffic, overusing energy, road insecurity and traffic accidents.

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