Isfahan to revive relations with sister cities

"The development of urban diplomacy in Isfahan requires that the city administration board goes beyond the current strategies and include citizen-citizen interaction on the agenda; against this background, we launch the initiative of "Citizen Diplomat" which is one of the most efficient and modern forms of diplomacy," the Mayor of Isfahan said.

Iran (IMNA) - Ghodratollah Norouzi, referring to the prospects of the "Citizen Diplomat" initiative in forming a network of international relations in economic, cultural and scientific fields, said: "In current situation when cities grappling with the effects of sanctions from transportation to municipal services, establishing joint ties with relevant global institutions, building a network of cities and playing a more prominent role in the international arena are the main tasks for all responsive bodies, and according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Isfahan can act as a pilot and then extend its creative initiative to other Iranian metropolises."

Adding that this initiative is being implemented with the contribution of the municipality of Isfahan and the competent authorities, he said, "As we approach the new century, diplomacy should also outstrip the old procedures and help citizens to live better; one of the steps that the urban management board in Isfahan has taken is to revive or strengthen the relations of Isfahan's sister cities and eliminate the challenges in this context. "

The Mayor of Isfahan said, "in today's world, people who are in charge of city management know that the time for decision-making in closed rooms is over and now optimal urban administration is only realized with the participation of citizens and all walks of elites ."

He added, "In a situation when the challenges of the world's cities have turned global, we definitely need global solutions to overcome the issues; The presence of citizen diplomats at decision-making meetings and taking advantages of citizens involvements can help Isfahan as a world city to contain the challenges."

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