Isfahan municipality triggered air pollution

"Predicted on extensive researches, new projects have been defined to reduce city's air pollution as specified by Isfahan 1405 action plan," the mayor of Isfahan said.

Iran (IMNA) -Referring to the air pollution situation in Isfahan over the last week, Ghodratollah Norouzi said, "Development of clean transportation and acceleration of the access to the subway are two major urban projects in the city of Isfahan allocating a large part of the municipal budget since 2018."

Air pollution has been worsened in Isfahan during autumn and winter as the lack of rain or wind has trapped hazardous particles over the city for days. The main sources of both NO2 and particulate matter in Isfahan are refineries, motor vehicles and power plants.

Saying that the implementation of the city's protection ring (fourth ring) to maintain clean air in Isfahan has been emphasized, he said, "Launching bicycle paths and stressing the need to use electric motorcycles are very important principles in reducing air pollution that will be achieved by reducing fuel vehicle traffic in downtown Isfahan.

Noting that the launch of tramway is the third megaproject carrying out under the supervision of the municipality, the mayor of Isfahan said, "Tram is a clean mode of transportation; so, groundworks for its implementation has been laid."

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