Citizen Diplomat officials arm in foreign diplomacy

The head of the Research Center at the Islamic City Council of Isfahan said, "The realization of the citizen diplomat project will brand a city or a country, and attract investors and tourists naturally; it can turns the field of diplomacy, which is a unipolar and monopoly field, into a multifaceted arena for several hundred Isfahani citizens."

Iran (IMNA) - Noting that identifying and supporting citizen diplomats is being implemented for the first time in the country with backing from the Communication and International Affairs Department at the municipality of Isfahan, Kourosh Khosravi said, "The realization of the concept of "citizen diplomat" increases people's involvement in development and strengthening the international relations; most important responsibility of such a citizen is to develop the connections of his hometown or country with different parts of the world."

He added, "Diplomat citizens are referred to people who, out of the ordinary of diplomatic missions and with their own ties, develop relations between two countries or two cities; so, holding joint events or introducing the capacities of one city in another one by arranging a conference or development of interaction through the creation of a website about two cities or countries can be an effective step in this regard."

The head of the Research Center at the Islamic City Council of Isfahan continued, "We always witness good results from the actions that leave the affairs of the city and citizenship to the citizens themselves, and I believe that this event can also become a role model."

He emphasized, "Sanctions are the main impediments to the development of Iran's international relations, so the best way to deal with sanctions and foreign interference is to take advantage of citizen diplomats in various fields of trade, culture and sports, as they are outside the usual diplomatic formalities and are not getting hit by sanctions, restrictions or interventions.

Khosravi ended, "The function scope of Citizen Diplomat action plan is extensive as it can play an important role in current diplomacy of the country. "

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