21 December 2020 - 14:08
Isfahan to expand bike routes

"9.5 billion Tomans has been spent on creating BRT and bicycle routes in Isfahan," The Deputy Mayor of Isfahan for Urban Development said.

Iran (IMNA) - "Seven projects with a budget of 9 billion Tomans and four projects financing with 5 billion Tomans are currently in progress in different municipal districts," Mozaffar noted.

The Deputy Mayor of Isfahan for Urban Development went on to say, "the physical progress of the projects is well evaluated, and the BRT routes and bike paths projects will be put into operation soon."

Regarding the importance of developing the BRT system, he noted, "One of the challenges that is usually raised in the field of sustainable development is determining the type of optimal transit system."

Mozaffar continued, "Rapid growth in the number of motor vehicles, especially automobiles and their widespread use in metropolitan areas, population growth ,uncontrolled urban expansion, lack of comprehensive scientific planning, as well as transport challenges have brought forth problems such as severe environmental pollution, heavy traffic, overusing energy, road insecurity and traffic accidents."

He added, "In such circumstances, the development of the BRT system as one of the most efficient and competitive mode of urban transportation, can soften the impacts of issues such as environmental pollution, energy consumption, traffic, and private vehicle use; such expansion contribute to the development of urban transportation and also reduce transportation costs."

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