COVID-19 mortality rates increased by 60% over past weeks

Referring to the challenges of public transportation during the coronavirus pandemic, the spokesman of the National Task Force against Coronavirus, Alireza Raisi said, "This industry is one of the complications that the country is facing with in metropolitan areas, especially in the capital; to tackle the issue, we proposed that 4,000 buses be added to the public transport fleet by the end of the year."

Iran (IMNA) - "Imposing mandates and restrictions, we are witnessing a relative decline in the number of hospital admissions and deaths, " Reisi said.

"Since last week, 1,000 coronavirus deaths have been reduced. If the health care protocols are not followed, the number of new coronavirus cases will definitely be increased because the behavior of the virus has shown us that the infection will speed as soon as we do not control it. Cold weather and family gatherings, to which more than 50% of the current hospital admissions are related, may lead to a new wave of the epidemic in late January and early February," the spokesman of the National Task Force against Coronavirus noted.

Referring to the fact that Sars-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19 seems to be better adapted to wintry conditions, Reisi said, "The World Health Organization has announced that COVID-19 mortality rates worldwide has increased by 60% over the past six weeks. Of course, the indirect impact of the cold weather on the large-scale COVID-19 transmission is such that people sit next to each other in closed environments with poor ventilation (lack of outside air) which increases the prevalence of the disease."

"We should not ignore that the guilds and tradespeople have shot their businesses during the pandemic helping to curb the spread of the virus; It’s a pity that we lose such achievement by attending Yalda Night parties," he said.

"Of course, the Coronavirus is claiming the lives of 200 people every day; this is not just a number, but the loved ones of a family. Such tragedy can be prevented by following the protocols, "the spokesman of the National Task Force against Coronavirus ended.

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