Officials urge people to restrict visits on Yalda Night

"We urge people to restrict visits on Yalda Night, despite the thousand-year-old tradition of family reunions. 51% of COVID-19 related deaths and multiple hospitalizations are related to such family celebrations; if neglected, all achievements against Coronavirus will be lost," Alireza Raisi said.

Iran (IMNA) - The spokesman for the National Headquarters of Administrating Coronavirus said, "Intercity car traffic has decreased by about 31% in the country after the restrictions imposed; as a result, intercity accidents damages and car crashes leading to injuries and deaths reduced by 46%, 30% and 42% respectively."

He continued, "After imposing traffic restrictions from 9 pm to 4 am in the red and orange zones, 600,000 cars have been fined so far; 60,000 cars were fined for intercity traffic in the red areas. 52,000 cars in the orange areas received tickets, and 772,000 drivers that were decided to go to another city with non-state license plates were returned, and two million cars received warnings."

"Late November until now, about 23,000 business castes have been sealed due to not observing healthcare-related principles and protocols. In general, the coronavirus new cases has been dropped, and we hope to witness the lowest death rate in the country by following health-care protocols," Raisi said.

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