Municipal award to Tehranians for waste separation

The head of Waste Management Organization of Tehran Municipality announced the awarding a special prize to Tehrani people who separate wastes.

Iran (IMNA) - Reffering to the award and its effect on the waste segregation, Sadr al-Din Alipour, Executive Director of the Waste Management Organization said, “the separation of municipal waste into several categories at the generation source according to the different characteristics of each material before further treatment has been implemented in 22 districts; following the waste reduction award, the "Waste-Free Saturdays" project, which aims to facilitate citizens' interaction with the city administration, has been set in the regions for several months."

"Citizens can separate dry waste during the week and deliver it to the urban recycling banks or garbage truck in accordance with health protocols," he said, referring to the current situation and restrictions on attending public places.

Addressing the impact of the implementation of this project on attracting public engagement, promoting cleanliness in the city and reducing the environmental pollution caused by wastes, he continued, ”clean segregation at the point of origin has been enhanced by the implementation of the "Waste-Free Saturdays" project.

Applying drying methods for municipal wastes including the moisture reduction, weight and volume minimization are among the goals of the project.

"This plan is also accompanied by incentive policies; In this regard, in addition to providing cash to citizens who deliver their dry waste to recycling banks, a tracking code has also been provided to them, which must be kept until the results of the management organization's lottery being announced. The winners will receive their bicycles by presenting the code.”

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