1 December 2020 - 15:09
COVID-19 claimed 48,628 lives in Iran

The spokeswoman of Iran's health ministry reported on Tuesday 13,881 additional Coronavirus cases and 382 more deaths, bringing the official number of cases to 975,951 and the death toll to 48,628.

Iran (IMNA) - Iran registered 382 new coronavirus deaths on Tuesday and 13,881 further infections, according to official data.

Since the emergence of the pandemic, Covid 19 has claimed the lives of 48,628 people in Iran, and more than 975,951 have been infected with the virus, the data shows.

Unfortunately, more than 63,691,642 positive cases have been reported worldwide since the pandemic began.

There have also been more than 1,476,277 deaths from the disease worldwide since the pandemic emerged.

More than 677,963 have been discharged from Iranian hospitals; however,2,237 have been hospitalized over the past 24 hours.

Coronavirus cases and deaths continue to soar in Iran, as they are in many countries.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Iran has adopted the strictest and prevention and control measures; apart from using masks, hand sanitizer, temperature checks and mass testing, shutting down much of the economy is another critical step to curb the virus in Iran.

Officials in Iranian cities strongly urge all residents and employees to practice safe social distancing, wear face masks, limit public gatherings and to maintain personal hygiene.

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