Isfahan positioned to become leader in solar

Implementing solar power approach in urban design has wide horizons of development and could provide new solutions to sustainable urban planning by trimming energy consumption and improving the function of future buildings.

Iran (IMNA) - Integrating renewable energy sources, such as solar energy systems, into the urban planning strategy is of paramount importance to create resilient cities with high levels of sustainability.

"From the beginning of the installation of solar power plants in 2013 to the end of October this year, about one million and 600 thousand kilowatt-hours of electricity have been generated," Hossein Amiri, Deputy Mayor for Urban Services at the municipality of Isfahan said.

"Due to not using fossil fuels in electricity generation, the emission of more than 105 tons of greenhouse gases has been prevented so far, which has had a significant impact on reducing air pollution," he added.

Emphasizing the need to use renewable energy in the municipality of Isfahan, he went on to say that, "According to the urban management planning on the development of renewable energy in Isfahan, moving towards the implementation of this action plan is one of priorities of the department."

Amiri continued, "Considering the necessity and importance of developing the renewable energy in order to prevent environmental pollution and reduce the use of fossil fuels, we must practically execute the use of clean energy."

Taking the need to promote the use of renewable energy into account, Amiri pointed out, "27 solar power plants in Isfahan with the capacity of 230 kW have generated 29 thousand and 431 kWh electricity in the first six months of this year.

He ended, "This amount of electricity generation from solar power plants has brought reduction of carbon dioxide emissions to the environment, so that from the past few years, the construction of solar power plants has been on the agenda of the municipality of Isfahan; More than 1105 tons of greenhouse gas emissions have been prevented until September 2020. "

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