Middle East's alluring largest salt dome in Iran

Jashak Salt Dome is a mountain made of salt sited in the northern side of Jashak Mountain in Iran's southern Bushehr Province.

Iran (IMNA) – Dashti or Jashak Salt Dome which is recognized as one of the largest and most beautiful salt domes in Iran and the Middle East, is a vast and high region between Deyr and Dashti Counties in Bushehr Province. Scientists believe that the dome had been forming in the late Precambrian and early Paleozoic era.

White salts of the dome bear a resemblance to beautiful snowy mountains in the eastern plains from far away. Some parts of the dome resemble ice glacier. There are also alluring salt waterfalls in Jashak Salt Dome. When water gasifies in hot and dry weather, the waterfalls appears naturally along the dome. This phenomenon can be visible mostly in spring and summer.

Salt caves, which are the other amazing features of the dome, are created by the dissolution of salt deposits around the dome. Stalagmites and stalactites in the form of salt crystals add to the beauty of these caves.

Some of the animals inhabiting these lands are wild goats, goats, foxes, jackals, hyenas, and birds like sandgrouse, partridge, sparrow and finches, as well as some species of reptiles. In addition, plants like lichens, shrubs of jujube, and Milkvetch form some of the vegetation of this area.

It is worth mentioning that Jashak Salt Dome was inscribed to Iran national heritage list in 2010.

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