Rouhani urges Biden to make up for Trump’s ‘destructive policies’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday urged the incoming administration of Joe Biden to make up for the mistakes of Donald Trump, and return the United States to international laws and treaties.

Iran (IMNA) - “Now, an opportunity has opened up for the next U.S. administration to make up for the past mistakes and return to abiding by international commitments through respecting international regulations,” Rouhani said in remarks on Sunday.

He was referring to the sanctions the U.S. slapped on Iran after the Trump administration withdrew from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal in May 2018. Trump has claimed the sanctions his “maximum pressure” campaign aimed at forcing Iran to renegotiate the nuclear deal.

The president said the U.S. government’s destructive policies over the last three years were not only rejected by the people of the world but were also opposed by the American people in the November 3 election.

He added that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always complied with its obligations as long as the other sides have done the same and regard constructive collaboration with the world as its approach.

Last month, U.S. National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien said the U.S. has little opportunity left to impose new sanctions against Iran, as there are already many of them.

“One of the problems that we have faced with both Iran and Russia is that we now have so many sanctions against these countries that we have very little (opportunity) to do anything about it,” O’Brien said.

Rouhani pointed to the Iranian people’s resistance in the face of the Trump administration’s sanctions, saying the people proved with their heroic resistance in the face of the economic war that the maximum pressure policy of the United States is doomed to failure.

“Now is the time to witness a boost in the security and development of the region through cooperation and synergy among Iran and its neighbors,” he added.

In similar remarks on Saturday, Rouhani advised the next U.S. administration to return to its commitments and respect the rule of law, and to realize that their approach toward Iran has been wrong all along.

The Saturday remarks were made before Biden was named the new president of the United States.

“Our people faced economic terrorism in the last three years, and in this regard, they showed remarkable resistance, patience, and endurance,” Rouhani said.

“We hope that the next U.S. administration surrenders to the rule of law and returns to all of its commitments, and our dear people would see and enjoy the reward of their patience, endurance, and perseverance,” he added.


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