Happy birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Third of November this year coincides with 17th of Rabi 'al-Awal (according to the lunar calendar) which is the anniversary of the birth of a human being who changed the course of human history; namely the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.

Iran (IMNA) - The Grand Prophet saved a large part of the society of that day from superstition, polytheism, ignorance and idolatry and formed the Islamic government in the world by strengthening the foundations of monotheism and creating solidarity among Muslims.

The Arab world in which the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) came into being was a violent and unbalanced society, but the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) managed to create great transformations in the souls and minds of members of those societies with his characteristics such as kindness, patience and peace.

He emerged as a perfect human being in Arab society, but the kindness of the Prophet (PBUH) also included Jews and Christians.

At the beginning of Islam, the followers of all religions were treated with mercy, kindness and respect for human dignity. However, today, when the world situation is different especially in the Western world, we are witnessing the promotion of Islamophobia because of the fact that people in those societies have no access to the hardcore beauties of this holy religion.

Therefore, now this true image of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) must be introduced to the world so that the true face of Islam and its messenger can be clearly seen.

If today in the latest international conventions and through the United Nations, there is talk of restoring the rights of religious minorities and then defending their rights, discussing the right to life, the right to an independent and non-discriminatory identity, the right to faith a free practice of religion, it should be shown to the world that the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) more than 14 centuries ago has been the pioneer in introducing and advocating such notions while the West and Europe were just entering the Middle Ages and Arabs were breathing in an air of ignorance.

People now should be told worldwide that at a time when sometimes people in certain parts of the world, due to their ignorance and wrong attitudes did not even have mercy on their daughter, at that time the Prophet of Mercy and Compassion signed a treaty with the Jews that respected all religious and human rights and explicitly and in terms of their security guaranteed.

For example, as one instance of the behavior of the Great Prophet of Islam (PBUH) with religious minorities, which is also mentioned in Sunni sources – based on a multitude of narrations – the Prophet showed the same respect to the bodies of dead Jews as he offered to those of his Muslim brothers.

Condemnation of insulting the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) is very important in a world where the logic of capitalism and the market prevails and the world powers do not give up anything for profit and are even willing to ignore the most sacred human affairs.

Nowadays in this world of ever-spreading riots, Islam as a divine religion has a lot of potentials that can be a source of good and blessing. Knowing this, some Western countries keep insulting the most sacred notions of Muslims whenever the opportunity arises. A clear example of which in recent months, contrary to the orders of the divine religions, insults to Islam and desecration of the holy site of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) by some publications and officials of the French government.

The story of the insult to the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) first started in the French magazine "Charlie Hebdo" and continued in recent weeks with the support of some officials of that country.

The desecration of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was and continues to be met with strong reactions from Muslims, especially in Iran and the Arab world, and from the leaders of Islamic countries.

However, the protest against such violations must be universal, and the world, regardless of its religious orientation, must be well aware that if it is silent in the face of such deviant and corrupt waves, none of the prophets and Religions will not be immune to insults and ridicule, and believers in all religions must stand up to these insults and not allow religious beliefs to be disrespected.

Islamic unity

Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH) with the message of freedom and liberation for all, is the most perfect religion on earth and is considered the most important unifying factor in the Islamic world today.

At a time when war and conflict have manifested themselves in the Islamic and Arab world, His name and manners can be very instructive, but why should the Islamic world be in such a situation?

Perhaps one of the reasons for this is the indifference of the heads of Islamic states to the issue of unity and disregard for the importance of this important issue. In this way, the leaders of Islamic countries consider the issue of Islamic unity and the Islamic world as an unrealistic and impractical issue and do not make it happen and do not take steps to implement it, and have no plans. In fact, the leaders of these countries think that the issue of the unity of the Islamic world is a rhetorical and artificial issue, but the recent events that took place under the pretext of supporting freedom of expression actually show the need for the Islamic world to pay more attention to the issue of unity. Pay more attention to it.

Unfortunately, today, the leaders of some Islamic countries introduce Islam based on their interests and tastes so that their personal interests are not harmed, and as a result, the only thing they are silent about is the problems and pains of the Islamic world and Muslims. It is in the light of such events that the Muslims of the world must realize that if they do not accept at this time the necessity of unity and brotherhood in the path of the new Islamic civilization, in the not-too-distant future they will become imitated, passive, backward and poor societies. And they plundered their land and sea resources, then they will be treated as slaves.

Therefore, in order to prevent the repetition of insults and audacity to the elevated realm of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and beliefs, it is better to pursue the issue of unity between religions and Islamic countries more seriously than before.


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