Tea tourism; experience the taste of a serene holiday

If you are the type of person who is looking for new travel destinations that are peaceful, pristine, and perfect for a picnic with loads of indigenous culture, you may consider a tea tour for your next excursion.

Iran (IMNA) - An essential feature of a tea tour is that you are not just an observer but be a part of a traditional experience to boost support for farmers and the local community. A countryside retreat in a greenish serene landscape is perhaps the most exotic way to enjoy nature.

A stimulating sea of green on the rolling slopes where the silence is broken by the tweeting birds, babbling streams, and the buzz of vibrantly-clad farmers can be very appealing in where the tea all about!

You may choose to stay with the locals for a couple of days. Domestic accommodation with sprawling rooms, delicious indigenous cuisines combined with rare Persian hospitality offers you the desired warmth and comfort.

But why? Tea, one of the most popular drinks after water in the global scene, is well intertwined with its own history behind, arts, rituals, traditions, Know-hows… Tea is not just a commodity from the farmers of northern Iran but also a rich tradition to make a living. Here visitors can share such a way of life as a prime example of social change.

Chai? The tea culture is really strong and a sign of hospitality in the ancient land. The tea and its associated philosophy are well soaked into the life of Iranians from all walks of life. It also constitutes a vital sign of hospitality across the ancient land; a cup of tea is the first thing that an Iranian will offer their guests!

For almost every Iranian, an earthenware teapot with a drawing of a red rose flanked by a steaming samovar conjure up memories of the childhood when mom, grandma or dad were making a perfect shade of brown, golden tea as the sunlight coming through from the horizon. They usually poured strong thick tea for the adults, and regally, a hint of color for the kids and grandkids!

Iranians start the day with a freshly brewed cup of tea sweetened with some sugar served with their breakfast, believing its taste is in great harmony with bread and cheese. Iranians story of drinking tea is not limited to mornings with breakfast only; they drink tea at work, after their meals at home, or at night before sleep.

The shade of color, temperature, strength, and taste of the tea is of very importance during formal gatherings and when served for specific guests. Before taking the teacups to the guests, the host traditionally checks the tone, color, and strength of tea with a single glance behind the shining glass.

Today, agritourism is regarded as a stimulus to the imbalanced economy of agriculture sectors and the tendency for emotional and nostalgic roots of the modern world citizens and due to factors such as visitor participation in farm activities, direct purchase of products, spending a night at a farm, curiosity and learning about the farm and agriculture products has been able to create a wide target population.


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