Launching five mobile buses to afford services for working children

The head of the Tehran Municipality's Welfare, Services & Social Participation Organization announced the launch of five mobile buses to provide services to underage workers and vulnerable children.

Iran (IMNA) - Regarding the establishment of mobile centres in order to deliver services to working children, Seyed Malek Hosseini added,”Studies have indicated that sometimes working children and their families are reluctant to receive services for a variety of reasons such as far distance, time delay or even fear.”

In recent years, a couple of social workers have taken some effective steps to afford services to children, but there are still some people who cannot take benefits of these services. In this respect, according to a consensus model approved by the Welfare, Services & Social Participation Organization we can provide some educational, health and various services to working children,” he continued.

“In order to realize this objective, the amount of five billion Tomans has been allocated for setting up mobile services centres to the underage workers,” Malek Hosseini emphasized.

" We eventually came to the conclusion that the bus would be a pertinent case to realize the model of mobile centres because it has both mobile features as well as enough space to provide educational, assistance and health services. In this regard, in a call we asked the designers to send their proposals to inspire us for designing applicable mobile centres based on proper proposals. The deadline for this call has not yet finished,” he pointed out.

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