19 October 2020 - 14:45
Supporting Artists during COVID-19

The plan to support artists during the pandemic in six areas of visual arts, music, cinema, literature, theater and other sectors aiming at promotion of artistic goals of Isfahan municipality's cultural, social and sport department will be implemented.

Iran (IMNA) - “Although the Coronavirus has behaved democratically in terms of infecting all walks of life, including the rich and the poor, it has acted strongly against the gentlest stratum of the society, namely artists, in the sense of economic consequences,” Deputy Mayor for Culture and Head of Isfahan Municipality's Socio-Cultural and Sports Organization stated.

A project entitled “Supporting Artists during the COVID-19” has been prepared by the Cultural Deputy of Isfahan Municipality. In this plan, the Municipality is regarded as a cultural facilitator in order to strengthen the relationship between the people, artists and the municipality, ” Mohammad Eidi added.

"This cycle encompasses artists, people and the municipality and each of these parameters will be actively involved in this plan,” he said.

“Isfahan Municipality is determined to carry out this plan in order to cover the following objectives; to increase social capital between people and artists, enhance symbolic capital, mount per capita cultural activities during Coronavirus outbreak and also reduce the social repercussion of the pandemic in the city,” Eidi continued.

“This project is divided into various cultural and artistic sections. In this respect, the first section is associated with the visual arts. The second part has got to produce musical products in the genres of citizenship and the third part is bound up with supporting artists during the pandemic, and also producing clips and short films in cyberspace,” Deputy Mayor of Culture pointed out.

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