Isfahan serious to implement "Convention on the Rights of the Child"

Noting that that the carried out initiatives and allocated budgets by the Municipality of Isfahan in the last two years have been directed to provide the infrastructure of a child-friendly city, the spokeswoman of the Islamic City Council of Isfahan said, "the Convention on the Rights of the Child in a city must be observed to gain the title of child-friendly city."

Iran (IMNA) - "The title of child-friendly city has been vested to more than three thousand cities across the world, and about two years ago, due to the adequacy of urban infrastructures, public spaces, especially parks for children, as well as observing the legal standards that protect and promote children's rights in this city, Isfahan was nominated to receive the CFC title, " she added.

Emphasizing that the purpose of UNICEF is to improve the quality of life for children and stand out for their success in all areas, Roshan continued, "UNICEF seeks to establish the value of respect for children, hear their voices and also pursue their rights in global policy-making through creating child friendly cities,"

The spokeswoman of the Islamic City Council stated, "An important challenge regarding the children's right is the issue of social enjoyment through which they can take benefits of all their social rights without discrimination; In general, the Convention on the Rights of the Child in a city must be observed in order to be addressed a child-friendly city."

"Cities should be safe places for children to live. Public spaces and parks must get adapted, and the views and needs of children should be taken into account in decisions related to the urban structure, " she added.

Referring to the main feature of a child-friendly city, Roshan emphasized, "In principle, there should be security and tranquility for children in such city. The child should feel that his/her rights are not violated, and that the importance of the role of children in all cultural and social dimensions should be taken into account."

According to UNICEF, the vision for the global CFCI programme is that every child and young person enjoys their childhood and youth and reaches their full potential through equal realization of their rights within their cities and communities.

It is worth mentioning that UNICEF CFCI brand will be awarded only after the city strongly fulfills the CFCI Cycle. During the pilot phase, the city will not receive the official recognition of a Child Friendly City.

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