Public thoroughfares in Isfahan to get disinfected

"The coronavirus pandemic has imposed many challenges to the city of Isfahan; considering such situation, disinfection of public thoroughfares will gain priority," the mayor of Isfahan said.

Iran (IMNA) - Emphasizing that the municipality is striving to cut the chain of coronavirus with the cooperation of responsible agencies in the province Norouzi continued, "If citizens have a better solution to protect the public's health, they can contact 137 Interactive Voice Response, refer to social networks and municipal to bring us their suggestions."

Referring to the initiatives of the municipality of Isfahan to provide propitious conditions in response to the pandemic he said, "Many services have been electronicized and transmitted online in order to cancel all activities like cultural and social events that require face-to-face contact."

Norouzi went on to say that the municipality made a serious effort to curb the chain of transmission by disinfecting all the main thoroughfares of the city, buses, subways and squares then added, "following the announcement of the exceptional circumstances caused by the coronavirus by the Provincial Headquarters for Coronavirus, measures to combat the outbreak of the virus have been intensified".

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